Getting New Developments To Pass Inspection

It is important that we continue to grow and build up our infrastructure.  New buildings for businesses, residential and more are in high demand and if they are not built, we will quickly run out of space.  In order to have these services completed and ensured that they are safe, electrical contractors in Knoxville TN are needed to do inspections and follow the guidelines and codes set forth by the respective agencies.

Have plans approved

The first step in any process is to have the plans for what is built discussed and approved.  This can be a lengthy process and go through several revisions before a final agreement is made.  Once the plans are approved a contractor is assigned to the project and will be responsible for everything that happens from that point forward.

Start laying out the framework

Once everything is approved the framework is going to be setup.  You can do this by digging ditches, channels and installing concrete.  This will then be the skeleton or bones for your project and any electrical components, plumbing or other needed necessities will be routed through here.  If this framework is not done and approved, then the project can’t move forward.

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Initial setup

Now the initial setup is done.  This is done by first deciding on what section to start building.  Once this is begun new sections won’t be opened up until the previous ones are setup and complete.  This helps to ensure that everything is done correctly and that steps are skipped in the name of progress.

Continue building

Now that all of the bones and infrastructure is in place, the building process will continue.  This process may take several months with checkpoints along the way.  It is at these checkpoints that the contractor will ensure that everything is done correctly before they move on. 


Once everything is finished, the contractor will do a final inspection and sign off on the project.  Once this is done, people can start moving in and suing the development.